I received this question from a reader, and with her permission, I’m answering it here on the blog.

Dr. Naumburg,

My 7 year old daughter has started having pee accidents again, and yesterday she peed on the side of the soccer field during her game! I saw her squatting and I assumed she was trying to hold it in until she could make it to the bathroom, but nope, she was peeing. Right there, on the side of the field, right through her clothes. I’ve tried everything – timers, reminders, sticker charts, even telling her that her friends will see if she pees her pants, and they might make fun of her–and she just doesn’t seem to care. I know she’s capable of making it to the toilet in time, because she often goes weeks or months without accidents, and then it starts again! I’m at my wit’s end. Any advice??

Mother of a Free-Range Pee-er

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