You Are Not a Sh*tty Parent

Publisher: Workman
Year: 2022
Pages: 224

It’s easy to see why Naumburg’s side-splittingly funny and relatable work resonates so strongly during a challenging time. Essential reading.” – Starred review, Library Journal

Naumburg’s advice is invaluable and reassuring while—it can’t be overstated—truly embracing the humor of it all. The rare parenting book that readers will want to pick up again and again.” -Starred review, Booklist

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So, you think you’re doing a sh*tty job.

Every parent does. It’s pretty much a byproduct of our society, with its incessant demands coupled with the in-your-face competitiveness parents see on social media.

Unfortunately, the pandemic only made things worse, as parents juggled the stresses of helping their kids navigate online schooling while they also had to work from home.

You don’t react calmly to every situation? That doesn’t make you a sh*tty parent. You’d rather hide in the back of the closet than play dolls with your child (because you hate dolls)—nope, doesn’t mean you’re a sh*tty parent. The fact is, great parenting is not the same thing as perfect parenting. Great parenting starts with true self-compassion, the kind that means you don’t judge yourself. Harnessing this self-compassion is the key to giving yourself a break and embracing your best qualities as a parent. There are four evidence-based elements of self-compassion—noticing, connection, curiosity, and compassion of course—and You Are Not a Sh*tty Parent will give you tangible steps to reduce your anxiety, trust your instincts, move past the guilt and become a calmer, more confident parent.

Which, in the end, benefits your child as much as you.