How to Stop Losing Your Sh*t with Your Kids

Publisher: Workman
Year: 2019
Pages: 192

We all know that we should be warm, responsive parents — but no one tells us how to actually *do* that. Until now! I am so grateful for HOW TO STOP LOSING YOUR SH*T WITH YOUR KIDS, because it helped me understand why it’s so hard to stay calm around your kids, why losing your temper isn’t a sign you’re a bad parent, and most importantly, it provides simple strategies to help you stay calm when your kids are pushing all your buttons. Honestly, at first, I was skeptical that the book would make a difference in my life, but it has been SO helpful. Bonus: Carla Naumburg’s writing is hilarious and engaging, so you’ll have fun reading it, too.

– Reader Review

Ever lose it with your kid? If so, you’re definitely not alone. Parenting is stressful, children are insane, and you’re only human. I was so at a loss with my daughters that I found myself Googling “how to stop yelling at my kids” during a particularly grueling evening. That moment led to this book—a short, empathic, insight-packed, and tip-filled program for how to manage your triggers, stop the meltdowns, and become a calmer, happier parent with calmer, happier kids.

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