A little while ago I asked my friends on Facebook the following question:

“What’s the best, most real and resonant, piece of parenting advice you have ever received? The kind that really sticks with you?”

I got some great responses, mostly having to do with making choices that work for you and your family and filtering out the advice of well-meaning family, friends, and “experts” who might not have a clear understanding (or any understanding at all) of your situation. There is no question that it is excellent advice, but I’ve often had a hard time implementing it. I’m an anxious person by nature, and I feel plagued by self-doubt and worry as I try to navigate the choppy waters of parenting. I have a hard time trusting myself.

That may be precisely why a different piece of advice really caught my attention. I’ve been ruminating on it for weeks now.

There comes a time when you just need to shut up and pray.

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