I had so much fun talking to Miranda Rake for her latest article in Romper. Here’s a sneak peek… read on to find out how I feel about potty talk!

After a few weeks of looping on this one, I went to Carla Naumburg, a licensed independent clinical social worker with a doctorate in clinical social work who is perhaps best known for her book How to Stop Losing Your Sh*t With Your Kids for some expert insight. “I guess what I’m asking is who is right?” As I spoke the words out loud, I knew the answer.

“First of all, different families get to make different rules, right? That’s just a lesson that our kids need to learn for life,” Naumburg reminded me. “It may be that, you know, you have to say to your son, ‘When you’re going to play with this kid, I need you to remember that we don’t use potty talk.’ He might say, ‘I don’t want to play with them because I can’t say “poop.’” And that’s fine. That’s a choice that’s totally OK.” It was so obvious and so not obvious. A lesson for a 4-year-old — and his 38-year-old mother — in holding space for difference, and others’ comfort levels, without losing your own values in the process.

You can read the whole article on the Romper website.