“Give kids your undivided attention or no attention at all.”

This is the single most helpful and effective piece of parenting advice I have ever heard. You can hear more about how it changed my parenting for the better in my latest monthly podcast conversation with Hunter Clarke-Fields of Hunter Yoga.

You can listen to our conversation here, and subscribe to the Mindful Mama podcast on iTunes here

Warning: it is entirely possible that you will get to the end of our conversation and think to yourself, “Wow. Those ladies are so insanely smart and funny and wise beyond their years. I wish I could spend a weekend hanging out with them and doing yoga and being SUPER mindful. You know, some kind of Dalai Mama retreat.” GREAT NEWS! You can! Hunter and I are co-leading our second mindfulness and yoga retreat for mothers at Copper Beech in West Hartford, CT. The retreat is happening from March 31-April 2, and there are still spots available.

You can get all the details and register over at the Copper Beech website.

BUT WAIT! That’s not all! You can also read my Mindful Parenting Blog on PsychCentral or sign up for one of Hunter’s upcoming retreats here.