So, I missed Tu Bishvat.

I saw references to it on Facebook; various friends who are clearly more observant/aware/motivated/creative/energetic/(insert desirable adjective of your choice here) posted pictures of their children hugging trees and displaying carefully arranged trays of dried fruits and nuts.

“Huh,” I thought to myself. “Tu Bishvat is coming up. I should probably do something about that.” And then I “liked” the picture and as I kept scrolling through my feed I promptly forgot all about it.

But it doesn’t stop there. Last Monday morning didn’t go smoothly in our house, and the girls were right on the edge. One of them complained of a stomachache, the other one was weepy for no obvious reason. It was one of those situations where I could have helped them rally with a clever reminder of something exciting happening at school, perhaps a school-wide holiday in which they would be participating in a variety of activities celebrating the earth and all of her gifts.

That would have been ideal, had I remembered it was even happening. But I did not, so I ended up spending the day at home with two moderately grumpy girls.

That right there is a #JewishMotherFail on multiple levels.

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