“Mommy, sometimes I wish we were Christian.”

My 7-year-old daughter said those words to me the other day as we were standing in the aisle of our local big box craft store. We were looking for Hanukkah decorations and activities, and not surprisingly, we found ourselves surrounded by ornaments, wreaths, and a mind-boggling array of Christmas crafts. We eventually found a small, picked-through display with blue and silver streamers, Hanukkah-themed cookie cutters, and a few plastic menorahs and cheap dreidels.

It was easy to guess what my daughter was talking about, but I asked her anyway.

She thought for a minute and then responded. “Look at all these Christmas decorations. So many people celebrate Christmas. We’d have so many choices for our craft projects. Sometimes it just seems like it would be easier.”

I was only half-listening to the answer I had already expected as I shuffled through a bin of wrapping paper, looking for anything that wasn’t red and green. And then her words caught my attention.

“It seems like it would be easier.”

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