It’s time to tackle a big one for the Jewish Mother Project: keeping kosher.

I didn’t grow up kosher—pork chops were in heavy rotation at our dinner table and cheeseburgers were my favorite restaurant meal. My husband’s parents didn’t keep a kosher kitchen either, but they don’t bring treyf in the house.

About 10 years ago, my husband Josh and I attended a workshop on Jewish values. That evening over a dinner of hamburger pizza, we made a decision. No more treyf in or out of the house, and no mixing milk and meat on the same plate whenever we had the choice (in our own home, and when ordering from restaurants). We decided against getting two sets of dishes or worrying about hechshered ingredients, although at this point I can’t remember why. I suspect it had to do with cost, space, and a general sense that those aspects of the practice just weren’t meaningful to us.

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