I’ve been trying hard to stay out of the vaccination fray, but I’ve noticed a disturbing trend lately that has prompted me to speak up.

Before I get into details, I should share my position on vaccinations with you. My daughters, ages 6 and 4.5, are fully vaccinated. They have received all of their immunizations on schedule, as recommended by our pediatrician, and they will continue to do so.

I believe that every child who can be vaccinated should be.

In the wake of the recent measles outbreak, my social media pages have been flooded with status updates, tweets, posts, and articles critiquing and criticizing parents who haven’t vaccinated their children.





Herein lays my problem with this conversation: As I much as I disagree with these parents, I do not think they are negligent, crazy, stupid, or idiots. I think they are mothers and fathers just like those of us who do vaccinate. I think they love their children beyond all reason or measure, and I think they are also parenting in an atmosphere of anxiety that can be nothing short of suffocating.

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