“For the past four years, Josh and I have lugged around a giant red diaper bag. As much as I don’t love schlepping, I love this bag. It can be worn cross-body or as a backpack, it has clips for stroller handles, two insulated pockets for sippy cups or bottles, and a ton of interior pockets for excellent organization. (You can buy this bag in the States now. It wasn’t available when here when we got it, so some friends brought it back from Israel for us.) Over the years, the bag has held diapers, wipes, changing pads, diaper cream, plastic bags, bottles, formula packets, breast pads, nursing covers, sippy cups, baby food, toddler snacks, bibs, onesies, teething rings, pacifiers, burp cloths, tissues, baby motrin, an ear thermometer, blankets, spare clothes, sweatshirts, sunhats, sunscreen, winter hats, mittens, toy cars, baby dolls, plastic tiaras, rubber balls, beaded necklaces, loveys, stuffed animals, coloring books, markers, wallets, sunglasses, keys and, on emergency trips to the ER, my iPad.”

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