Moms Don’t Have Time to Have Kids: A Timeless Anthology

I’m so pleased to have an essay about sleep in this anthology edited by Zibby Owens!

Too tired to think? No time to read books? Zibby Owens gets it. Award-winning podcaster of Moms Don’t Have Time to Read Books and mother of four (ages 6 to 14) compiled 52 essays by 49 authors to help the rest of us feel understood, inspired, and less alone. 

The super short essays were inspired by a few other things moms don’t have time to do: sleep, get sick, write, lose weight, and see friends. Read one a week and you’ll finish the whole book in a year: accomplishment! 

Topics range from taking care of an aging grandmother, mourning the loss of a family member, battling insomnia, wrestling with body image, coping with chronic illness, navigating writer’s block, the power of women’s friendship, and more juicy stuff. You’ll laugh, cry, think, and feel like you just had coffee with a close friend. If that best friend were a world-renown author.