“On behalf of the entire PTO, thank you for the talk you delivered on Thursday evening. The audience enjoyed every moment, as evidenced by their knowing laughter and rapt attention. The indispensable ingredient was you!”
– Kerry Prasad, PTO President

“Her workshop was brilliant. Drawing on significant and varied research, Carla sketched a fascinating profile of contemporary parents and how they are raising their children.”
– Mark Sokoll, CEO, JCC of Greater Boston

“Naumburg related to, delighted in, and even commiserated with the women in the room. Naumburg is funny and forthright.” 
– Judy Bolton-Fasman, “Meeting Meltdowns With Mindfulness”

“Carla is witty, entertaining, and knows her stuff. She was very well received by the large audience, at the end of a long day. She kept the talk moving with her knowledge from the field and great sense of humor.”
– Attendee, “Sleep: Everything You Need to Know.”

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